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Why not visit these websites to find out more about astronomy?

The Jodcast

A twice-monthly podcast covering all aspects of astronomy from The University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank (UK). It includes the latest news, what you can see in the current night sky, interviews with astronomers and other things we liked the sound of. It is created by a bunch of astronomers for anyone who is interested in things out of this world



The Society for Popular Astronomy

There’s so much happening in the skies above. The Society for Popular Astronomy brings the excitement of the universe to everyone. Whether you are young or old, a beginner or an experienced skywatcher, you’ll get a great deal from the SPA — Britain’s brightest astronomical society!





Stargazers' Lounge

The UK's largest online chat forum for astronomers and astronomy






Take a journey into space and find out more about the Sun, our star on your doorstep, the place it holds in our universe and how it plays an important part in our lives.




The official website of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Celebrating the 1919 eclipse at Principe


In May 1919, Sir Arthur Eddington and the Royal Astronomical Society launched an historic expedition to observe a total solar eclipse. Historians now recognise this expedition as a major achievement of 20th century science.

Seven things everyone wants to know about the universe!

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